Opening night: 11/03/2021
Next performances: 10/11/2021, 11/11/2021
Austria, The Landestheater Niederösterreich
Yellow – The Sorrows Of Belgium II: REX


In his trilogy The Sorrows of Belgium Luk Perceval zooms in on three dark passages from Belgium’s past.

Yellow tackles the Flemish collaboration with the German occupier during World War II.

1933-1936. A young generation dreams of a new world order. From 1941 onwards, they join the nazi ideology and fight at the Eastern Front. Were they mislead? Were they really that naive?

Peter Seynaeve
Chris Thys
Lien Wildemeersch
Bert Luppes
Maria Shulga
Oscar Van Rompay
Philip Kelz
Valéry Warnotte

Director Luk Perceval
Text Peter van Kraaij, Steven Heene, Margit Niederhuber
Stage design Annette Kurz
Costume design Ilse Vandenbussche
Lightning design Mark Van Denesse
Spacing Ted Stoffer
Sound design Bart Meeusen, Frederik Vanslembrouck