Opening night: 10/10/1991
Next performances:
Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent
Wilde Lea


A mad spectacle, an exaggerated mix of tear-jerkers, soundmix and playback shows… in short the sad ingredients of the Flemish ‘chippy’-culture.

Based on a play of 1895 by the Flemish playwright Nestor De Tière, Wild Lea can be characterised as a parochial parade of celebrities showing the mediocrity of our existence.

Bad taste rules in Wild Lea with its series of schmalzy pop songs and corny. The play launches an attack against the degeneration of our society and its foolishness… a grotesque blow-up of the artless world of Flemish media. Schmalzy pop songs are exemplary of this performance: attractive because one is able to sing along with it, but also reprehensible because of its stupid contents.

Els Dottermans wins the Theo d’Or (best female leading role) for her role in ‘Wild Lea’ and the production is selected for the Theaterfestival 1992.

Blauwe maandag Cie
Warre Borgmans
Stany Crets
Katelijne Damen
Vic De Wachter
Els Dottermans
Peter Van Den Begin
Lucas Van den Eynde
Michel Van Dousselaere

Text Nestor de Tière
Direction Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Pynoo
Dramaturgy Gommer Van Rousselt
Light design Steve Kemp

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The result of this process was a real party for the actors because we realised it with our own creativity and enthusiasm. In this way we also realised our dream of being a theatre company.