Opening night: 02/04/1998
Next performances:
Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent
Voor het pensioen


This is the last production of the BMCie.

Like Ten Oorlog this is a very eclectic performance about an historical theme. Perceval moves the play by Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) from its German setting to Flanders with its collaboration supporters. The original subtitle Comedy of the German soul is subtly changed into Before Retiring. Like in other plays produced by Perceval the central theme is the nuclear family with its suffocating stranglehold on its members…an incestuous ménage-à-trois soon to develop into a complete emotional outburst. In Before Retiring all rotten political and sexual affairs are hilariously portrayed. A neon-lit textbox shows the stage directions which creates an ironic Ping-Pong game between text and performance.

In many ways this production is rather bizarre when compared to other productions I was involved in. We started with the play’s production fairly soon after the Ten Oorlog-saga on which I had been working day and night for almost eight years with all its possible ups and downs. It was also the last production by the BMCie which at that time had already been disbanded. I can vividly remember the surreal atmosphere. Furthermore the performance itself surprised me many times. As I often do, I turned the original play into a burlesque, however I wasn’t prepared for some of the audience’s reactions. Nevertheless I was very aware of the soreness of this play’s theme in Flanders, but I couldn’t have imagined the fights in the public and some of the yells voicing some people’s discontent with the play. I didn’t expect any of this but at the same time I found it fascinating and exciting. Certain political parties had troubles digesting the play, which I think they should have had.

Blauwe Maandag Cie
Jan Bijvoet
Reinhilde Decleir
Dimitri Dupont

Author Thomas Bernard
Adaptation Luk Perceval
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ilse Vandenbussche
Dramaturgy Luc Joosten, Hans van Dam
Light design Francis Gahide

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As I often do, I turned the original play into a burlesque, however I wasn't prepared for some of the audience's reactions.