Opening night: 09/11/1990
Next performances:
De Warande, Turnhout


Father is the BMCie’s own interpretation of The Father by August Strindberg.

Man and woman are waging a hopeless fight. Misogyny is the standard. The social coded role play is dissected. The actors speak the harsh dialect of the Waasland which enacts perfectly the typical Flemish mentality characterised by hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness which dominate its dull living rooms. The play lodges a complaint against the deep-rooted traditional moral.

‘The Father’ is nominated for the Flemish-Dutch Theaterfestival en Luk Perceval wins the Oscar De Gruyter Prize for his direction of ‘The Father’.

Blauwe Maandag Cie

Jakob Beks
Stany Crets
Luk D’heu
Elke Dom
Els Dottermans
Dimitri Dupont
Ilse Uitterlinden

Text August Strindberg
Direction & adaptation Luk Perceval
Scenography Johan Dehollander
Costumes Greet Prové
Dramaturgy Gommer van Rousselt
Light design Steve Kemp

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We took as a starting point for this production our own affection with 'the village' we all had lived in, the hamlet with its village parish ruled by a narrow-minded and small-town mentality. How could we create a space which doesn't explicate this feeling but rather evokes it?