Opening night: 29/11/2001
Next performances:
Neues Haus, Munich
Traum im Herbst


The texts by the Norwegian Jon Fosse are mysterious and almost ‘bare’.

The characters are at the same time eloquent and speechless. Without having names…they ‘re almost archetypes. Traum im Herbst shows the life of Man in some seemingly arbitrary fragments. The clock is ticking ceaselessly which explains why MAN is brooding over death, lost opportunities, unfulfilled desires and about his fears. Our life is not pushed forward by our identity, but by our relationships. No other art form but theatre is able to show this social game in the best way.

‘Traum im Herbst’ was selected for the Theatretreffen in Berlin 2002.

Münchener Kammerspiele

Stephan Bissmeier
Dagmar Manzel
Gundi Ellert
Werner Rehm
Cornelia Heyse

Author Jon Fosse
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ursula Renzenbrink
Light design Mark van Denesse
Music Laurent Simonetti
Dramaturgy Marion Tiedtke

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Through the years my relation with actors has changed substantially. This has become very clear now. The more you give freedom to an actor, the more you dare to wait for him, the more intimate the encounter becomes. That's my way of directing, instead of developing frenetic concepts or great dramatic discoveries. As director you're nothing more than a fish among the fish.