Opening night: 19/11/2016
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Ka a poet, who returns to Turkey after 12 years of political exile in Germany, has several motives, first, as a journalist, to investigate a spate of suicides but also in the hope of meeting a woman he used to know.

Heavy snow cuts off the town for about three days during which time Ka is in conversation with a former communist, a secularist, a fascist nationalist, a possible Islamic extremist, Islamic moderates, young Kurds, the military, the Secret Service, the police and in particular, an actor-revolutionary. In the midst of this, love and passion are to be found. Temporarily closed off from the world, a farcical coup is staged and linked melodramatically to a stage play. The main discussion concerns the interface of secularism and belief but there are references to all of Turkey’s twentieth century history.

Pierre Bokma
Els Dottermans
Frank Focketyn
Melih Gençboyaci
Dilan Yurdakul
Celil Toksöz
Melike Tarhan

Author Orhan Pamuk
Adaptation by Steven Heene & Luk Perceval
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ilse Vandenbussche
Music Melike Tarhan
Lighting design Mark Van Denesse
Dramaturgy Steven Heene

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A production by NTGent.