Opening night: 28/04/1992
Next performances:
Rodenbachstraat, Borgerhout


The aim of Rehearsal/1, a play inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s movie, is to create in the ‘here and now’ a unity of place, time and space which makes multiple interpretations possible.

This principle, the ultimate objective of acting itself, is being put under a magnifying glass. Rehearsal/I undertakes a final attempt to desecrate the theatre and to demolish the barriers between theatre and reality, actors and spectators, showing and telling!

Jan Decleir was nominated for the Louis d’Or (best male leading role)

Blauwe Maandag Cie

Gilda de Bal
Jan Decleir
Els Dottermans

Text Ingmar Bergman (Trans. Gommer Van Rousselt)
Direction Luk Perceval
Dramaturgy Gommer Van Rousselt

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With the performance Rehearsal/1 I aimed at creating a public rehearsal which confronts the reality of the actor as a searching and endeavouring being with the reality of the spectator and the rehearsal hall. Indeed, the first reading of the play brings to mind a multitude of images, intuition, thoughts and situations that are gradually turned into compromises or are even disappearing completely during the run-through of the play. Would it be possible to stage a play in such a way that one is able to maintain all these fantasies?