Opening night: 27/04/2021
Next performances: 24, 27/5
NTGent & Le Manège Maubeuge
RED – The Sorrows Of Belgium III: Holy War.


Tuesday 22 March 2016, Belgium was hit by a large-scale terrorist attack. Suicide bombers detonated two bombs at Zaventem airport, and there was also an explosion in the Brussels underground. The attacks left 35 dead and 340 wounded. The perpetrators were IS terrorists, returning from the war in Syria.  The terrorist cell was linked to the attacks in Paris in November 2015.

In the trilogy, The Sorrows of Belgium, Luk Perceval focuses on dark episodes in Belgian history. Black was about the exploitation of Congo under Leopold II. Yellow looked back at the 1930s, when fascism erupted all over Europe and some of the Belgian population collaborated with the German occupiers. The third and final part, RED, is about violence in the heart of society.  Each colour in the flag brings history closer to the present.

Peter Seynaeve
Bert Luppes
Maria Shulga
Oscar Van Rompay
Valéry Warnotte
Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar
Farid Bouzenad
Lisah Adeaga
Roberto Jean
Sam Gysel

Director Luk Perceval
Text Lisah Adeaga, Rachid Benzine, Michael Bijnens, Farid Bouzenad, Steven Heene, Roberto Jean, Bert Luppes, Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Peter Seynaeve, Maria Shulga, Oscar Van Rompay, Valéry Warnotte, Luk Perceval.
Dramaturgy Steven Heene
Music Sam Gysel
Director’s assistant Liesbeth Standaert
Stage design Annette Kurz
Stage design assistant Sammy Vandenheuvel
Costume design Ilse Vandenbussche
Lightning design Mark Van Denesse
Spacing Ted Stoffer
Sound design Frederik Vanslembrouck
Intern Finn Hewson, Jesse Vandamme, Rita Pinheiro, Annika Serong

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