Opening night: 26/05/2006
Next performances:
Schaubühne Berlin


A Russian manor occupied by a group of bored characters: impoverished landed gentry, a businessman, a doctor, a moneylender, and a horse thief.

Although no-one seems to get on with anyone else, they inevitably gravitate towards each other as they try to kill the time.

In this fragmented world survives a man called Platonov, a schoolmaster who refuses to teach. All adore him, but he adores no-one, not even himself. An object of desire to many women, he stares into the dark void that is his meaningless existence. ,,To leave or not to leave”, he asks like a forlorn Hamlet. And his answer, too, drives him closer to the edge of the abyss.

Chekhov’s first play, which was only discovered in 1923, twenty years after his death, is a vicious, witty portrayal of a meaningless, lethargic world that is blown to smithereens by love.

Karin Neuhäuser
André Szymanski
Yvon Jansen
Erhard Markgraaf
Kay Bartholomäus Schulze
Michael Rastl
Bernd Grawert
Lea Draeger
Horst Hiemer
Felix Römer
Ulrich Voß
David Ruland
Thomas Bading
Christina Geiße
Thomas Thieme

Text Anton Tschechow
Adaptation Maja Zade & Luk Perceval
Direction Luk Perceval
Scenography Annette Kurz
Costumes Ursula Renzenbrink
Lighting design Mark Vandenesse
Dramaturgy Maja Zade