Opening night: 21/11/1986
Next performances:
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
othello I


The BMCie was looking passionately for productions which propagate universal messages. Since Shakespeare is the creator of all what’s universal, we took our chance to reach the unreachable by using Shakespeare’s language.
Othello had to become the fruit of the BMCie’s spontaneity and discipline. Spontaneity and discipline complement as well as enhance each other in the sense that what’s done naturally or spontaneously is reinforced by what is enforced and vice versa. In this way these qualities constitute the basic elements for an impassioned acting. I ran the rehearsal process completely in the way Grotowski would have done it, which means throwing off all clichés and tricks to attain a more authentic and lived through meeting and all this by doing very harsh physical trainings?
But we went way over the line. The improvisations and trainings became and end in itself. Chaos and frustration dominated us. Nevertheless the performance became a success? I didn’t understand anything of all this. But I’ve learned a lot from this experience. I was getting completely convinced of the necessity of a company when it comes to create theatre.” (LP in 1992)

Warre Borgmans receives the Oscar De Gruyter Prize for his role as Jago.

Blauwe Maandag Cie

Dirk Van Dijck
Warre Borgmans
Brit Alen
Veerle Eyckermans
Ludo Busschots
Johan Van Assche
Hans Royaards

Text William Shakespeare / Johan Van Assche
Direction Luk Perceval
Costumes Beate Pohl
Music Fred Van Hove L
Light design Steve Kemp

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