Opening night: 05/10/1994
Next performances:
Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent



Father vs son
Mother vs child
Life vs Death
Hate vs Love

Lars Nóren is digging for vivid memories of Eugene O’Neill’s parents, of his own parents and of all our parents. By digging, he hopes to find back his children and to retrace the child he used to be. O’Neill is a performance about deep-rooted human dramas and conflicts. The characters voice out loud their most intimate contemplations.

“When it comes to rehearsal processes, I’ve trod a lot of paths. The fiascos of the harsh trainings are now way behind me. When rehearsing O’Neill we used the acting method ‘à l’italien’, which aims at reciting the ‘bare’ text without giving any interpretation or psychological/emotional perception. In this way the text is not interpreted in advance, but remains open for multiple interpretations and can also be used as an instrument to keep everybody alert. Furthermore the text’s contents enabled me to look out continuously for that border between showing and suggesting. I have elaborated this process further on in later productions.”

Ilse Uitterlinden
Peter Van Den Begin
Vic De Wachter
Stany Crets

Text Lars Noren (Trans. Karst Woudstra)
Direction Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ilse Vandenbussche
Dramaturgy Hans Van Dam
Light Design Enrico Bagnoli

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