Opening night: 11/11/2021
Next performances: 11/11/2021
Schauspiel Köln
Oblomow Revisited


What happens to the people who feel disconnected, who won’t go outside, won’t sit in cafés or theaters as soon the pandemic has been overcome? Luk Perceval tackles these questions in a project that combines the stage with social media.

Alexander Angeletta
Justus Maier
Kristin Steffen
Luana Velis

Concept Luk Perceval

Text Nele Stuhler

Stage & Digital Set Design Philip Bussmann

Costume Design Ilse Vandenbussche

Video Krzystztof Honowski & Luis Neuenhofer

Light Jan Steinfatt

Dramaturgy Lea Goebel & Roman Senkl

And Celina Jale Altemeier, Lucie Hedderich, Patricia Ruszkiewicz, Diana Dapa, Gemma Heinen, Léonard Bourrecoud.

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“Now or never! To be or not to be!" Oblomov raised himself from his chair a little, but failing to find his slippers with his feet at once, sat down again.”