Opening night: 11/03/1985
Next performances:
Raamtheater a/d Drink, Antwerp
Merkwaardige Paren


These productions – which were both realised without any subsidies- form important parts in BMCie’s search for a distinctive style and method in creating theatrical performances.

We worked mainly on the basis of improvisations and by doing this we realised that the actor should be the central figure in a play. You could argue that this isn’t a very original idea, but at that time it certainly was. Jerzy Grotowski propagated this idea and I’ve tried to put into practice this idea of ‘absolute freedom’. As a result these plays were very personal experiences for me as well as the actors

Blauwe Maandag Cie

Gilda de Bal
Vic de Wachter
Wim van Gansbeke

Text Gray lucas
Direction and adaptation Luk Perceval and Guy Joosten

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