Opening night: 24/04/2002
Next performances:
Stadschouwburg, Bruges
L.King of Pain


The plays stages not only Flemish actors but also German ones from the Schauspiel HANNOVER and from the Schauspielhaus of Zurich.

The spoken language is a kind of Germanic Esperanto, a poetic artificial language developed in collaboration with Shakespeare-translator Klaus Reichert.

By searching for a transparency which surpassed the limitations of German and Dutch, we worked out a new literary language which is sensible for both regions. Maybe the public isn’t able to grasp the meaning of all phrases, but will rather make associations in the narrative. By doing so the public will be able to sense what it means be cut off from reality, to understand how someone ends up in a mental maze.

Co-production Het Toneelhuis – Brugge 2002 – Schauspiel Hannover – Schauspielhaus Zürich

Wolf Bachofner
Jan Bijvoet
Lorenza Goos
Ruud Gielens
Yvon Jansen
Han Kerckhoffs
Katrien Meganck
Wim Opbrouck
Stefan Perceval
Edgar Schäfer
Thomas Thieme
Jan Van Hecke

Author Peter Perceval, Luk Perceval and Klaus Reichtert
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ilse Vandenbussche
Light design Enrico Bagnoli
Music Bart Maris
Dramaturgy Jan Van Dyck

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You can order this script via the VERLAG website.

The art of losing is central in this play. A king renounces first his throne and his kingdom; later on he also turns his back on his family and ends by losing his senses. I'm getting more and more convinced that to Shakespeare telling about loss meant a sort of ritual acceptance. LP