Opening night: 24/03/2010
Next performances:
Thalia Theater Hamburg
Kinder der Sonne


As a cholera epidemic sweeps across the country, a group of artists, scientists and intellectuals who have gathered at the home of Professor Protassov reflect on the sense and the nonsense of life.

They are almost oblivious to the world around their own confined environment. Their eyes are closed to the inevitability, the triviality and the imperfection of an all-too-human reality, as they seek shelter from the violence, the distress and the destitution that has taken hold of the “outside” world. However, the imaginary wall which they have constructed around themselves is about to come tumbling down, for a cataclysmic crisis looms on the horizon. In this play, Maxim Gorki evokes the failure of the intelligentsia, the elite that rules society, to develop an alternative pathway, a vision that embraces the needs of all.

Jens Harzer
Partrycia Ziolkowska
Oda Thormeyer
Hans Kremer
André Szymanski
Marina Galic
Marina Wandruszka
Sebastian Zimmler
Josef Ostendorf
Lisa Hagmeister
Tilo Werner
Nadia Schönfeldt
Christina Geiße

Text Maxim Gorki/Luk Perceval
Direction Luk Perceval
Scenography Katrin Brack
Costumes Ursula Renzenbrink
Lighting design Paulus Vogt
Dramaturgy Beate Heine

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