Opening night: 30/03/1991
Next performances:
Stadsschouwburg, The Hague


No marriage without stench, no pubs without drinks!

At the end of the 19th century Russian censors passed an ominous and scurvy judgement on Tsjechov’s dramatical etchings.

Ivanov is Tsjechov’s debut and the main character Ivanov is a very typical Tsjechovian character. Ivanov has dubious desires in life. He is a tiresome and outspoken egoist who’s fleeing for and from the world… Ivanov is Perceval’s second adaptation of a play by Tsjechov in a guest performance at the National Theatre of The Hague/ The Netherlands.

Selected for the Flemish-Dutch Theaterfestival.

Het Nationale Toneel Nederland/Holland

Author Anton Tsjechov
 Luk Perceval
Director Luk Perceval

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In this world where the ritual, which constitutes the origin of the theatre, is lost and where the individual runs around aimlessly and lonely, the theatre can function as a meeting place where one can rediscover the ritual of reunification and contemplation. (LP in 1992)