Opening night: 18/04/2017
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Infinite Now


This creation commemorates World War I and takes as point of departure the play FRONT (2014) staged and adapted by Luk Perceval.

The American-Israeli composer Chaya Czernowin saw the performance and connected the theatrical experience of FRONT with the novella Homecoming by the Chinese author Can Xue.

In FRONT, we see the soldiers in the trenches, caught in an unending battle and constantly exposed to death. In Homecoming it is a woman who happens to find her way to a house on the edge of an abyss and gradually realises that it is impossible for her to escape. Two situations in which the moment becomes dilated to the point of infinity.

Chaya Czernowin is one of the most challenging and innovative contemporary composers. Her work is played around the world by leading ensembles and specialists in new music. She creates an unusual sound architecture in which all facets of music and sound become interrelated in a new way. And not only the ear, but all of the senses are engaged in the process.

Infinite Now is a unique combination of theatre and opera, sung and spoken word, drama and music.

A coproduction with Nationaltheater Mannheim and IRCAM-Centre Pompidou (Paris). Composition commission with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Karen Vourc’h
Kai Rüütel
Noa Frenkel
Terry Wey
Vincenzo Neri
David Salsbery Fry
Rainer Süβmilch
Benjamin-Lew Klon
Didier De Deck
Gilles Welinski
Roy Aernouts
Oana Solomon

Libretto Based On “Homecoming” By Can Xue And “Front”
Composition Chaya Czernowin
Conductor Titus Engel
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Philip Bussmann
Video Philip Bussmann
Costumes Ilse Vandenbussche
Lighting design Marc Van Denesse
Choreography Ted Stoffer
Dramaturgy Christina Bellingen
Sound design Carlo Laurenzi, Sylvain Cadars
Orchestra Symfonisch Orkest Opera Vlaanderen
Solo-Instrumentalists Nico Couck, Yaron Deutsch, Christina Meissner, Séverine Ballon

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A production by opera vlaanderen.