Opening night: 10/09/2022
Next performances: 4&5/3
Berliner ensemble


When Lion Feuchtwanger heard about the Nazi assumption of power he initially settled in southern France where he set up a network of exiled persons, including the likes of Bertolt Brecht, Arnold Zweig and Thomas Mann.  To draw immediate attention to the political changes in Germany, he and Brecht together founded the exile newspaper Das Wort [The Word] in 1936.  After Hitler took France, Feuchtwanger was detained in the Les Milles internment camp.  He managed to get smuggled out of the camp dressed as a woman, escaped by foot over the Pyrenees, and entered the USA in 1941.

In EXIL Feuchtwanger provides an insight into the minds of refugees from National Socialism who have gone into exile in Paris. The novel also examines the actions and motivations of some pro-NS characters.

Constanze Becker
Pauline Knof
Martin Rentzsch
Paul Herwig
Lili Epply
Paul Zichner
Gerrit Jansen
Jonathan Kempf
Oliver Kraushaar
Luana Velis
Peter Moltzen
Marc Oliver Schulze
And Charlotte Brohmeyer, Alina Yeshchenko, Bar Gonen, Giada Grieco, Ji Sun Hagen, Liadain Speranza Herriott, Valeriia Kuzmenko, Ilil Land-Boss, Aaron Lang, Anela Luzi, Aldo Spahiu, Madeleine Rose White

Text based on EXIL of Lion Feuchtwanger, adapted for the stage by Luk Perceval & Sibylle Baschung
Luk Perceval
Dramaturgie Sibylle Baschung
Annette Kurz
Ilse Vandenbussche
Rainer Suessmilch
Body Language
Ted Stoffer
Sound Engineering Jannes Noorman
Light Rainer Casper
Assistents Kristina Seebruch, Emmanuelle Bischoff,Thiessenhusen Tjana, Janina Kuhlmann, Esther von der Decken, Josua Bauer, Maike Vennemann, Maja Hohenberg, Martha Grasmeier, Maya Sandschulte, Anaïs Levieil.


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I am always thinking of that remark of Theodor Lessing, that history is “the art of giving meaning to the meaningless." Lion Feuchtwanger.