Opening night: 21/04/2001
Next performances:
Schauspielhaus, Hannover
Der Kirschgarten


Der Himmel beschütze Sie!

In his last play Der Kirschgarten (1904) Anton Tsjechov brings together all his classic themes on the country estate of Ljoebov, a large landowner who, feeling betrayed by love and life, is on the verge of going bankrupt.

Marion Breckwoldt
Oliver Masucci
Simone Henn
Franziska Henschel
Oda Thormeyer
Wolf Bachofner
Moritz Dürr
Benjamin Höppner
Peter René Lüdicke
Tim Porath
Heinz Kreitzen

Director Luk Perceval
Scenography: Katrin Brack
Costumes Ursula Renzenbrink

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Der Kirschgarten symbolises what we're all pursuing: living eternally in a safe, warm and cosy environment, in a childlike memory. But that is an illusion. The play describes the transition from a harmonious community towards a completely individualised capitalist society. People have an incredible need for harmony, but they degenerate into self-destructive egocentric individuals. It is Tsjechov's credit for having already understood many years ago that people will always carry on their vain struggle against the changing of society.