Opening night: 02/11/1988
Next performances:
Beursschouwburg, Brussels
De Meeuw


The Seagull is Tsjechov’s evergreen about man’s impotence to be happy. Love and death are placed against the backdrop of theatre and literature.

Els Dottermans is nominated for the Colombina (best female supporting role) as Nina in ‘The Seagull’. ‘The Seagull’ is selected for the Theaterfestival 1989.

Brit Alen
Jacob Beks
Jan Decleir
Els Dottermans
Chris Lomme
Peter Van Den begin
Rikkert Van Dijck
Koen Van Impe
Ria Verschaeren
Dries Wieme

Text Tsjechow
Direction Luk Perceval
Bewerking Luk Perceval and Gommer Van Rousselt
Scenography Johan Herbosch
Costumes Greet Prove
Dramaturgy Gommer Van Rousselt
Light design Steve Kemp

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In my view even Tsjechov is Flemish. Theatre has to be recognisable and as such it is your responsibility as director to link the story to your own society and culture. (LP in 1992)