Opening night: 07/12/2002
Next performances:
Schaubühne Berlin
Das Kalte Kind


After Feuergesicht (Brandbakkes) and Parasiten Marius von Mayenburg (playwright of the Schaubühne) elaborates his theory that human beings are entangled by their illusions and claustrophobic relations.
“Das Kalte Kind” focuses on the advantages and disavantanges of the ties of marriage, friendship and family. This engenders a merry-go-round of bloodnoses, weddings and funerals…

Thomas Bading
Robert Beyer
Bruno Cathomas
Stephanie Eidt
Christina Geisse
Cristin König
Ronald Kukulies
Katharina Schüttler

Text Marius von Mayenburg
Director Luk Perceval
Scenography Annette Kurz
Costume design Ilse Vandenbussche
Light design Mark Vandenesse
Dramaturgy Maja Zade
Music Torsten Reibold

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Already after my first reading of this play I was fascinated by its directness, boldness and humour. The text can't be simply interpreted as a gross comedy, on the contrary it forces you to search for a form which shows the dark side of what looks at first sight straightforward. The richness of the play is created by the verbal shortage and nonage of its characters. (nov 2002)