Opening night: 06/02/1992
Next performances:
Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent


By writing subtle popular poetry, BMCie’s new playwright Arne Sierens manages to portray in Boste a small part of Flanders. Sierens’ expressive Flemish reminds us of a grimy working class neighbourhood in the early sixties and enhances its trivial and drab reality. The spectator is able to view what goes on in someone’s head because the play shows us fragments of quick and very intimate associations, personal contemplations and doubts.

Arne Sierens receives the writers award of the Flemish Community for ‘Boste’, a play commissioned by the Blauwe Maandag Cie.

Jakob Beks
Stany Crets
Gilda De Bal
Vic De Wachter
Els Dottermans
Michel Van Dousselaere
Ilse Uitterlinden

Text Arne Sierens
Direction Luk Perceval en Johan Dehollander
Scenography Johan Dehollander
Costumes Pynoo
Dramaturgy Gommer Van Rousselt
Light design Kees van de Lagemaat

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Arne attempted to express his own doubts and convictions by writing with Boste a modern Orfeo. The aim being that by taking the 'here and now' as a starting point, one will look back in amazement. The action should come forward from reading the text, characters should appear by the action and eventually space should appear by the characters. The present must function as a backdrop against which the past should be evoked.