Opening night: 20/09/2001
Next performances:
Bourla, Antwerp


You have to wet your finger

In Asem, an adaptation of the controversial play Täter (1999) written by the young German Thomas Jonigk (1966), the family’s cornerstone, the incest taboo, is mercilessly pulled down.
Offenders and victims are telling their story. In fact we already know their stories, as they have been spoon-fed to us by the media and numerous talk shows. The testimonies don’t hold water because of their shame and fear, their hypocrisy, their filthiness and stupidity …This all leads towards an almost light opera, a sick comedy, without reconciliation or comfort, with only one conclusion: the society is a community of offenders.

Jan Bijvoet
Pepijn Caudron
Katelijne Damen
Luk D’Heu
Veerle Eyckermans
Lorenza Goos
Inge Paulussen

Author Thomas Joningk
Director Luk Perceval
Translation & dramaturgy Jan Van Dyck
Adaptation Jan Van Dyck and Luk Perceval
Music Johan De Smet
Scenography Annette Kurz
Costumes Ilse Vandenbuscche
Light design Luk Perceval and Mark Van Denesse

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Five years after the Dutroux-story I thought it was about time to sound the alarmbells. Theatre should awaken people, should kick these people a conscience, should create confusion.