Opening night: 24/10/1985
Next performances:
Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerp
Alles Liebe


By order of the Reizend Volkstheater Perceval made an adaptation of La dama boba by Lope de Vega, a ridiculous tragedy about all sorts of people. De Vega, one of the grandest playwrights of the Spanish baroque and contemporary of Cervantes, led a stirring amorous life with next to his wife, a bunch of mistresses. He even let himself be ordained as priest …. All this constituted a source of inspiration for his spicy stories.

In Lope de Vega’s view theatre must mirror daily life and must give pleasure to the spectators. To make his plays more lively than the ones from his contemporaries, he deviated from the strict regulations ordained by Aristotle. In his time he was bombarded with a lot of criticism, but later on his revolutionary plays became a source of inspiration for many. La dama boba is the exquisite text for a beginning director as it allows him to feel out his concoctions.

Author Luk Perceval, after lope de vega
Directors Guy Joosten and Luk Perceval

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The search for a distinctive form resulted in aversion and admiration. 'Call me as soon as you have learned how to act' shouted an enraged spectator. We were proud because this reaction proved that we had broken through a wall. Supporters and opponents were having furious discussions. By doing this play I learned that acting is more than illustrating or entertaining. It is above all communication. Language is not an end, but a means. To intensify the communication the text is adapted to what we want to tell with it at present. (LP in 1992)