Opening night: 11/10/2021
Next performances: 11/10/2021, 12/10/2021
Dialog Festival Wroclaw


Traveling to Moscow is not an issue anymore since you can fly to the Russian capital for 99 euros. Today the daughters of General Prozorov, the title characters of Chekhov’s drama, no longer miss their big city. It is the time of their youth that they are longing for. Low cost airlines do not run in this direction. You can only get there on board of your own uncertain memory. The routine of the title heroines’ daily existence is interrupted by an attempt to recall events from the past.

The theme of the passing of life, characteristic of Chekhov’s dramaturgy, has never been as current as it is today, when the old world order collapses and the new one has not yet developed. The pandemic has added another aspect to the problem of aging: the isolation of older people. The Prozorow sisters are shipwrecked prisoners on the island of memory. They live in the past, unable to confront the present. What are they afraid of and what do they miss? What are we afraid of and longing for?

Jacek Beler
Zygmunt Jozefczak
Natalia Kalita
Rafal Mackowiak
Maia Maj
Jacek Romanowski
Malgorzata Zawadzka
Miroslaw Zbrojewics
Oksana Czerkaszyna
Marta Ojrzynska

Director Luk Perceval
Text based on Anton Chekhov adaptation Luk Perceval
Stage design Philip Bussmann
Costume design Annelies Vanlaere
Lightning design Mark Van Denesse
Music Karol Nepelski
Dramaturgy Roman Pawlowski

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The Prozorow sisters are shipwrecked prisoners on the island of memory.