Luk Perceval Journal


The International Breathing Co.
Yoga Session

18, 23, 26, 28/6 & 2, 21/7
Nationaltheater Mannheim
Die Entführung aus dem Serail
W. A. Mozart tells a story about the insatiable human desire for more, the "black hole of desire", a desire for timeless and borderless unity, to be one with the universe and all living creatures.
24, 25/6
Sibiu International Theater Festival
Traveling to Moscow is not an issue anymore since you can fly to the Russian capital for 99 euros. Today the daughters of General Prozorov, the title characters of Chekhov's drama, no longer miss their big city. It is the time of their youth that they are longing for.
Malta Festival Poznan
The Sorrows Of Belgium - The Black-Yellow-Red Trilogy
On 2 July 2022, the entire trilogy will be shown for the first time at the Malta Festival in Poland, which will be devoting its international section to the work of Luk Perceval.
Berliner ensemble
rehearsing EXIL
In EXIL Feuchtwanger provides an insight into the minds of refugees from National Socialism who have gone into exile in Paris. The novel also examines the actions and motivations of some pro-NS characters.