Voor het pensioen

A president of the court formerly working as an SS-officer, is celebrating Himmler's anniversary in the company of his two sisters, an annual tradition in his family. It is mainly a party of the soul… in which all thoughts are expressed.

This is the last production of the BMCie. Like Ten Oorlog this is a very eclectic performance about an historical theme. Perceval moves the play by Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) from its German setting to Flanders with its collaboration supporters. The original subtitle Comedy of the German soul is subtly changed into Before Retiring. Like in other plays produced by Perceval the central theme is the nuclear family with its suffocating stranglehold on its members…an incestuous ménage-à-trois soon to develop into a complete emotional outburst. In Before Retiring all rotten political and sexual affairs are hilariously portrayed. A neon-lit textbox shows the stage directions which creates an ironic Ping-Pong game between text and performance.