Die Entführung aus dem Serail

W. A. Mozart tells a story about the insatiable human desire for more, the "black hole of desire", a desire for timeless and borderless unity, to be one with the universe and all living creatures.

Performances of this "sung play" (Singspiel) have often dwelled on its exotic and somewhat contrived orientalism, piling one outrageous caricature on top of another. This entitles us to revisit the piece with a contemporary critical eye, one that is immersed in a world radically different from that of Mozart. With Aslı Erdoğan\'s written contributions to Luk Perceval\'s stage concept, the work echoes with both consonances and dissonances of epic proportions and intimate sadness. Our Quixotic heroes are alone, lost in the madding crowd of an absurd life.