The Trojan War is over: Hector, King of Troy, has been brutally slain by Achilles' son Pyrrhus and the City of Troy has been totally destroyed by the Greeks. Pyrrhus takes Hector's widow Andromache as war booty. Blinded by his love for the Trojan Princess, he forgets his marriage vows to Hermione. In order to protect Andromache and her young son Astynax, Pyrrhus holds them prisoner. Orestes is ordered to eliminate Hector's only descendant. Pyrrhus promises Andromache to save her son on condition that she agrees to marry him. Orestes, in turn, promises Hermione to kill Pyrrhus if she accepts his hand in marriage. Captive on a granite sacrificial love altar, traumatised by their memories of war, these characters carry an insurmountable hate in their hearts. Their total surrender to feelings of hate, love, retribution and desire for happiness inevitably leads to a personal and political catastrophe in which the boundary between love and hate becomes entirely blurred.